What is fat reduction?

Stubborn fat around our thighs, buttocks and abdomen are hard to get rid of even with exercise. Traditionally, there used to be only liposuction methods for fat reduction. Now however, technology has enabled us to use non-invasive methods like radiofrequency energy to target fat cells and achieve body sculpting and fat reduction within a span of 15 minutes. 

These fat reduction techniques effectively reduce body fat and sculpt the body for a more toned and slimmer body shape. They are much safer with reduced risks of complications as compared to liposuction and other traditional fat reduction surgeries like tummy tucks. 


What are the areas that fat reduction can target?

TruSculpt iD can treat the following areas: 

  • Abdomen 
  • Thighs 
  • Flanks 
  • Arms 
  • Submentum (chin)
  • Bra Line
  • Armpit/Axillary fat 

What are the benefits of fat reduction in Singapore?

Some benefits of truSculpt iD include: 

  • Little to no downtime 
  • Comfortable and quick procedure
  • Simultaneous skin tightening
  • Average of 24% fat reduction after only one session

The truSculpt iD ticks all the boxes in terms of convenience, comfort level, flexibility, and efficacy. In comparison, other body sculpting devices either require a much longer treatment duration (e.g., CoolSculpting, Vanquish can take up to an hour), cause more discomfort and downtime (e.g., SculpSure, CoolSculpting), or are not customizable to treat multiple areas concurrently (e.g., CoolSculpting). 

Its efficacy rate of 24% average fat reduction is also one of the highest among its competitors. On average, it takes about 6-12 weeks to see results. 

truSculpt iD vs CoolSculpting vs Vanquish vs Sculpsure

truSculpt iD CoolSculpting Vanquish SculpSure
Duration15 minutes30 min to 1 hour45 min to 1 hour25 min
Efficacy24% average reduction in fatUp to 10-25% reduction in fatUp to 29% reduction in fatUp to 24% reduction in fat
Treat multiple areas concurrentlyYesNoNoNo
Number of sessions needed to achieve results11-34-61-3
Time taken to achieve results6-12 weeks6-12 weeks2 weeks after 4th treatment6-12 weeks
PainMinimalNumbness, pulling and pinching sensationsMinimalModerate discomfort
DowntimeMinimal to noneMinimalMinimal to noneMinimal to none

What are the risks of getting a fat reduction in Singapore?

Non-invasive fat reduction techniques carry no surgical risks. However, they do come with certain side effects that are temporary and mild. 

Side effects of truSculpt iD include: 

  • Redness 
  • Mild swelling 
  • Mild tenderness 
Lady measuring her waist

What results can I see with truSculpt iD?

TruSculpt iD has been shown in studies to be effective in destroying an average of  24% of fat cells, regardless of body type. It uses non-invasive radiofrequency technology to target the areas with too much fat. The radiofrequency energy produces deep heat which causes fat cells to break down. It does not affect other body tissues. 

After the treatment, the body naturally expels destroyed fat cells. The fat-loss results manifests gradually over weeks to months following the treatment. As fat cells break down, the skin tightens, so you do not have to worry about loose skin after fat loss. 

The fat loss in treated areas is permanent, but new fats can be re-deposited with significant weight gain. As with any body contouring treatment, it works best when coupled with good dietary habits and regular exercise. 

What are some natural ways to reduce fat?

Strength training 

Resistance and strength training can help increase fat burn rate and muscle size. It improves our metabolism rate and helps us burn more fat even when we’re resting. 

Lemon water 

Warm water with a few drops of lemon juice is a great drink to have in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps to reduce belly fat, promote satiety and decrease calorie intake. 

Whole grains in diet 

Whole grains like barley, brown rice and quinoa help to stabilise blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full for a longer time. They are fibre-rich and can help you lose weight. 


Drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated is a good way to keep fit. Water is needed to detoxify and cleanse the body while maintaining a high metabolism rate. It can help you burn more calories and cut back on sugary drinks. 

Avoid sugars 

Cutting back on sugars will lower calories and hence body weight. Make sure to reduce intake of sugary drinks like soft drinks and juices, as well as carbohydrates which are broken down into simple sugars when ingested. 

Fat Reduction in Singapore by Harmony Aesthetics

If you are bothered by stubborn pockets of fats on the body which refuse to disappear despite your best efforts at exercising and dieting, we’ve got great news for you. Non-invasive, comfortable fat reduction in up to 6 areas simultaneously all under 15 minutes is now a reality with the truSculpt iD.


truSculpt iD at Harmony

TruSculpt iD is an FDA-approved body sculpting device that utilizes innovative monopolar radiofrequency technology to treat the entire fat layer, resulting in selective destruction of subcutaneous fat tissue. An average of 24% fat reduction can be achieved gradually over a 12 week period as irreversibly damaged fat cells are slowly removed by your body. There is generally no associated downtime, while constant skin temperature control ensures maximal comfort and safety.