Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

It is said that the best way to tell a person’s age is to look at the hands. This is because most people put in effort to take care of their face and neck, but tend to neglect their hands.

Our hands age in the same manner as our face, albeit at a slower rate. Cumulative free radical damage results in uneven skin colour, which may be in the form of hyper- or hyperpigmentation. An increase in transepidermal water loss (TEWL), together with loss of collagen and elastin gives rise to the appearance of dry, thin, and crepey skin. This is compounded by age-related fat loss in the hands which results in increasingly visible veins and tendons over time. 

Start preventative treatment early with these effective and proven methods at Harmony Aesthetics if you don’t want your hands to betray your true age!



Medical Skincare

Anti-aging and pigment-lightening products should be applied to the hands as part of your daily skincare regime. Regular use of moisturizers is essential in soothing the skin after constant handwashing and daily contact with chemical agents. Don't forget sunscreen, which is the most basic yet most important step when it comes to protecting your hands.


Oral Supplements

Oral Glutathione and Sunblock supplements can be considered to support anti-aging efforts by suppressing pigment formation and enhancing UV protection respectively.



Just like for the face, rejuvenating lasers such as the Spectra XT, PicoPlus, Dual Yellow, and Clarity II can be performed on the hands. They help to improve skin tone and texture, as well as lighten pigment spots.



Skin Booster injections are a great way to hydrate and plump up dry, wrinkly skin. Profhilo does the same but goes one step further by stimulating your own collagen, elastin, and fat cell production. Filler injections directly restore volume loss, instantly improving the sunken skeletal appearance of aged hands, while boosting hydration levels simultaneously.