Facial Laxity & Sagging

''What is the best skincare product I can use to treat saggy skin?''

This is undoubtedly the most common question we get asked when it comes to skin sagging. Unfortunately, aging does not just go skin deep. Our facial fat pads reduce in volume and shift as we grow older. The Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) – a fibromuscular network acting as a scaffold of sorts for the face – loses its elasticity and weakens. Bone loss and gain in different sections of the face reduce structural support. All these changes contribute to the loss of deep tissue support beneath the skin, resulting in a loose and saggy appearance.

In the past, surgical facelifts were routinely performed to address this issue. However, surgery does not help restore deep tissue loss, but rather realigns overlying skin to fit the new shrunken framework. This often results in a tight and unnatural-looking appearance. Fortunately, with the advent of minimally invasive options that focus on restoring facial dimensions to their original state, natural-looking age reversal is now a reality.


Neck Lines & Turkey Neck

Neck lines may be present from young for some due to genetics, but they invariably worsen with age for all because of collagen loss. Sun damage, aging, and lifestyle factors (e.g., stress, poor sleep quality, smoking) all lead to collagen and elastin loss. Additionally, repetitive poor neck posture (e.g., looking down constantly at your phone) can accelerate the formation of neck lines. When skin elasticity and muscle tone deteriorate past a certain point, the result is loose, overhanging skin in the neck – otherwise known as a ‘Turkey Neck’.

Treatment options for the face can often be extrapolated to the neck since underlying causes for skin laxity in both areas are similar. Just like for the face, combinative therapy is always recommended in order to concurrently tackle the multilayer processes of aging.


Treatments for facial laxity, sagging, neck lines and turkey neck include:


Medical Skincare

Prescription skincare focused on reducing free radical damage, boosting collagen levels, and improving skin turnover help target superficial skin laxity. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is a key component of an effective skincare routine. Don’t forget to always extend product applications down to the neck.


Oral Supplements

Oral Collagen supplements consist of collagen peptides (known as hydrolyzed collagen) which are made of the same amino acids as collagen, but are more easily absorbed by our bodies. They can be easily utilized by the skin, resulting in improved firmness and elasticity. Oral Sunblock supplements help to reduce collagen loss from UV damage.



All our medical-grade lasers aid in stimulating collagen production in the skin to varying degrees. The PicoPlus is highly recommended for its ability to generate significant collagen re-modeling within a short treatment timeframe, with minimal downtime and discomfort. Lasers should ideally be coupled with other treatments which focus on deep tissue restoration, in order to holistically address the multilevel aspects of aging.

Special Treatment


The dermal rejuvenation effects of sylfirm improve skin firmness and elasticity significantly, with virtually no downtime and minimal discomfort. It is recommended to be performed in tandem with other measures which target deep tissue aging.


Energy-based Devices

Sofwave, Ultraformer III, and Ultherapy are our preferred first-line treatments when it comes to tackling loose saggy skin in the face and neck. They work by causing immediate tissue contraction, followed by a later phase of new collagen production. Treatments are non-invasive and produce long-lasting results without any downtime.




BTX injections help to smoothen wrinkles and give a temporary lifting effect. Rejuran and Skin Boosters stimulate collagen production in the superficial skin layer. Profhilo is superior in its bio-remodeling, and therefore lifting capabilities, due to its unique hybrid HA complex. Filler injections rectify the loss of deep tissue support and should be combined synergistically with skin-tightening devices

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