What are eye bags?

Eye bags or bags under the eyes are formed when weakened and sagging skin form a pouch under the eyes. The fat slips under the eyes and fills the space, creating the appearance of an “eye bag”.

What causes eye bags?

Eye bags are caused by:

Eye bags usually first appear in our 30s and gradually worsen as we age, although they can occur from an early age due to variations in facial anatomy. True eye bags are caused by a combination of undereye skin and muscle laxity, bulging of orbital fats, as well as sagging of the cheeks. Puffy eyes (caused by allergies, water retention etc.) and the presence of enlarged undereye muscles (pre-tarsal orbicularis) can sometimes be confused with eye bags.

Skin around our eyes is the thinnest on our entire body. It is therefore most vulnerable to ageing, especially with the repetitive stress of constant eye movements like blinking and squinting. Signs of ageing first start around the eyes for many, so start preventative treatments early if you want to avoid looking older than your actual age. As usual, combinative treatments are highly encouraged for their synergistic benefits.

What is the difference between dark eye circles vs eye bags vs puffy eyes?

Dark eye circles are caused by pigmentation of the skin on the lower eye area. It may also be caused by dilated capillaries that discolour the skin to make it more prominent. 

Eye bags are caused by sagging skin that create spaces for fat to accumulate, forming a “bag” underneath it. It can be made worse by the accumulation of interstitial fluid that makes the eye bag even more obvious. 

Puffy eyes are when the eyes become swollen and red, usually because of allergies. The body releases histamines in response to the allergens that create a puffy appearance and reddening of the eyes. 

What symptoms come along with eye bags?

Bags under the eyes can include: 

  • Mild swelling 
  • Sagging or loose skin 
  • Dark eye circles

When should I see a doctor for eye bag removal?

Usually, most cases of eye bags are not serious and can respond well to the home remedies listed above. However, if these symptoms accompany your eye bags, seek treatment from a doctor immediately: 

  • If the swelling is severe and persistent 
  • If the swelling is accompanied by redness, pain or itching 
  • If the swelling is affecting other parts of the body like your legs 

Some eye bags may be due to infections or other medical issues that need treatment. Your doctor may prescribe creams or medications to reduce the swelling and discolouration. 

On the other hand, some people may want to remove their eye bags solely for cosmetic reasons. These aesthetic treatments are available at Harmony Aesthetics. 

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Eye Bag Removal Treatment in Singapore by Harmony Aesthetics


Medical Skincare

Skincare rich in anti-ageing ingredients encourage collagen production while slowing collagen loss in skin around the eyes. Sunscreen application on the upper lids is an often neglected yet essential step of your skincare regime, as it cuts down on UV-induced collagen breakdown.


Oral Supplements

Collagen Supplements provide your body with the building blocks it needs to produce new collagen and elastin around the eyes. Oral Sunblock supplements provide additional protection from UV damage, which in turn helps to keep skin around the eyes supple.


Energy-based Devices

Ultherapy, Ultraformer III and Sofwave help tighten loose skin under the eyes and lift the cheeks. This improves support for protruding orbital fats and reduces the tear trough deformity that contributes to eye bag formation. Treatment can also be applied to skin over the brow bone, so as to improve hooding of the upper eyelids.



Botox injections give a temporary brow lift, which makes the eyes look wider and less tired. Overprominent pre-tarsal eye muscles that give the appearance of pseudo eye bags can be minimised with botox injections. Filler injections to the tear trough deformity and mid-cheek help mask the appearance of eye bags.

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