Dr Tan Hui Yun

After attaining her core degrees, Dr Tan Hui Yun spent some time as a Family Physician where she encountered numerous patients suffering from common skin conditions such as acne and pigmentation. Invigorated by the joy of successfully treated patients, she actively followed her passion in cosmetic dermatology. To deepen her expertise, she pursued a Diploma in Practical Dermatology with the prestigious Cardiff University (Wales) and achieved the highest Distinction award.

Affectionately known as Dr Hui Yun, she is well-loved by her patients for her warm personality, honesty, and abundance of patience. Always happy to go above and beyond, she takes joy in cultivating meaningful doctor-patient relationships. It gives her immense pride in boosting her patients’ confidence by addressing their underlying concerns, which many a time go beyond the skin.

With 16 years of clinical experience under her belt, of which 10 are in Aesthetics, Dr Hui Yun strives to ensure that her patients achieve the best possible results through safe and clinically proven treatments. Her background in Family Medicine drives her belief in holistic care, early preventative treatment, and customised combination therapies.

She believes in empowering patients through knowledge and enjoys educating them about their skin condition, as she feels that good clinical outcome is dependent on a collaborative effort. This working ethos, coupled with precision and thoroughness in her clinical work, has won her much praise and appreciation from her patients.

Always dedicated to providing the best for her patients, she continues to update herself by attending numerous international conferences and workshops.

Outside of work, she is a loving mother to two cheeky boys, an amateur home baker, and in pre-covid days, an avid traveler.

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  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, National University of Singapore 2006
  • Master of Medicine (Family Medicine), National University of Singapore 2011
  • Diploma in Practical Dermatology, Distinction award, Cardiff University (Wales) 2013
  • Diploma in Aesthetics Medicine, American Aesthetics Academy of Medicine 2012
  • Accredited by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee (Singapore Medical Council) for Certificates of Competence in aesthetic procedures that include Botulinum toxin injection, Filler injection, Chemical peels, Laser and light therapies, Skin tightening, and Body contouring treatments
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