Dr Angela Hwee

It's not so much about looking younger or prettier. What I hope to achieve is enhancing my patients' natural features and improving the original canvas. Proportions must be balanced so that they still look like themselves - but cleaner and fresher.

It is about our facial features being in harmony with each other. And most importantly, we must be in harmony with ourselves and with the people around us.

Dr Angela Hwee has always maintained this work ethos. It is at the heart of how and why she works, what drives her and keeps her going.

Sought after for her keen eye for aesthetics and medical expertise, it is her straightforwardness and meticulous attention to detail that her patients continue coming back to her and trust her.

Angela led the team at DRx Clinic Singapore for 9 years before embarking on her new journey here at Harmony. She regularly shares her clinical experience and expertise in various conditions such as Hyperpigmentation and Skin Rejuvenation by speaking at regional conferences and workshops. Her vast experience in medical skincare formulation has helped many patients reap great rewards in their skincare regime.

On a personal note, she unabashedly admits to being a tiger mom to her 2 daughters. She also enjoys reading (the old-fashioned way with paper pages), collecting espresso cups and driving. Her sweet tooth keeps her constantly on a diet so that she does not have to sacrifice desserts.