Dr Goh Ching Hoe

Dr Goh graduated from the National University of Ireland in 2005.  From the outset, his medical training in Ireland emphasized heavily on communication skills and impeccable bedside manners.  With time, Dr Goh found fulfilment in conversing with his clients to better understand their needs.

In his early training, Dr Goh spent most of his time in anaesthesia. He honed his injection competence and expertise by performing countless cannulations, spinal punctures and epidurals.  This is also the time when he learnt to appreciate and till today, remain committed to the safety of his clients under his care.  He constantly stresses on the importance in ensuring that all his clients complete their treatments in a comfortable and safe manner.

Dr Goh’s passion in aesthetics stems from the ever-evolving and advancement of aesthetic procedures.  The advances in technology and evidence-based medicine constantly refines his knowledge that ultimately contributes to help his clients achieve their optimal results.

Living harmoniously, aging gracefully and having the courage to create are undoubtedly his ways of life.

Dr-Goh-Ching-Hoe Scaled